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“The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to write; a man will turn over half a library to make one book.” — Samuel Johnson



Taking Your Ideas from Start to Published


Let’s be honest, writing a book takes time, discipline, and commitment. If you’re like most of my readers and podcast listeners, you have the great idea, but need the guidance to take it from start to published. That’s where I can help you.

Most of my client shave the commitment, but have to learn to make the time and create the disciple it takes to succeed at becoming an author. Life gets in the way, they work long hours, and they aren’t sure how to create that balance.

I get it. I was there before. That’s why I want to help you.

Writing a book goes way beyond the words. As JV Crum shared on my podcast, “Writing is 5% writing and 95% marketing.” That’s the critical piece of the puzzle that many first-time and even seasoned authors miss. You can write great books, but what happens if no one reads them?

At Ready. Write. Launch! I guide authors from start to published. This isn’t just books, but we help you navigate book design, converting your books to ebooks, and marketing and promoting your book.

But before you can write and launch you have to know if you’re ready. So let’s talk.


Book Packages for Authors

You will get your book to your market fast and get opportunities, such as speaking gigs and easier client enrollment, when you write and publish your first book. For many entrepreneurs, a book is the platform you need to solidify your expert position and gain the attention you’re seeking.

With my book coaching and co-authoring packages, you can get the most from your investment.


Package 1: Writing & Publishing Coaching

In this package, clients are coached through a self-paced writing process by which they produce and publish the book themselves.

  • Weekly 45 minute, one-on-one book coaching for 10 weeks
  • Clients coached on:
    • Starting the book writing process
    • Understanding how to maximize the life of your book based on its structure
    • How to write a synopsis as a roadmap to success
    • Planning your writing around your synopsis
    • Creating your basic chapter structure and blueprint
    • How to stay on task and productive with the right tools
    • How to use audio and transcription services for faster writing
    • How to self-edit your transcripts to cut the fluff
    • Where to get editors, proofreaders, and book designers
    • Getting feedback through beta readers and why it matters
    • Why you need to invest in your cover, author bio, and Amazon description
    • CreateSpace, Ingram Spark, and KDP select for book printing and distribution
    • ISBNs: How they work, which to buy, and how many
    • Why you should consider audiobook conversion
    • Uploading your book for printing and ebook creation
    • Other smart ways to distribute your book online
    • Preparing a press release and one-sheeter for media and podcast interviews
    • You’re an author, now what?: Way to make money with your book
    • First podcast interview booked for you


Package 2: Coauthoring & Publishing

In this package, I produce and publish the book on behalf of the client.

  • Author interview conducted
  • Complete book synopsis created through recorded interview
  • Author reviews synopsis to ensure messaging of the book is on target
  • Author is interviewed or conducts guided self-interviews to create MP3 audio files
  • Files are transcribed and author reviews for accuracy
  • Book is written from transcripts
  • Author reviews completed manuscript
  • Manuscript is professionally edited
  • Manuscript is professionally proofread
  • Cover and interior of book are professionally designed
  • Author is interviewed for back of book description
  • Completed book files are created in all formats
  • ISBNs are purchased
  • Ingram Spark account is set up (book printing and distribution)
  • Amazon Create Space account is set up (book printing and distribution)
  • Kindle Direct Publishing account is set up
  • Teaser chapter extracted and created for website
  • First 4 podcast interviews booked for you


A la Carte Services Offered

We offer these services:

  • Book Coaching
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Cover Design
  • Book Interior Page Design
  • Book Conversion (from print to digital) and Online Set Up
  • Lead Magnet Design (for list building and marketing)
  • Digital Book Design (ebook)
  • Promotional Graphics (for general use or social media)
  • Press Kit Creation
  • PR Services (aimed at getting your interviews or signing opportunities)
  • Author Websites Development
  • Platform Development Coaching




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